We all want to grow, as individuals, but also the organizations in which we operate.

The external environment is extremely competitive and the pressure is high from many perspectives: we want to increase our sales, to have a good position in the market, to increase our profit while lowering costs, to increase our legislative changes. But all these objectives are achieved through the input of Line Managers and Specialists in the organization.

That's why TBS, widely involved in a multitude of Human Resources processes, invites you to continue to grow!

We have prepared various workshops dedicated to Human Resources specialists, Line Managers from companies that want to improve their knowledge about human resources leadership, but also for those who want to start a career in Human Resources.

Another line of workshops is dedicated to those who want career guidance or want to develop their career, those who have difficulties in their current career and want a change.

Do you want to make a career in HR? Do you want to better understand the processes that are carried out in HR and what the jobs like HR Business Partner, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Talent development Specialist, Learning Specialist, HR Operations Specialist entail. about People management.

TBS has created an applied workshop where you will experience:

  • strategies, techniques and methods of sourcing, recruitment and selection,
  • evaluation methods,
  • induction / onboarding process of new entrants to the organization
  • motivational policies (personal development as well as ways of analyzing and implementing compensations and benefits)
  • last but not least about retention ... a real common problem for any company

Recruitment decisions can have a lasting impact on the future success of organizations and this "guide" can help you know very clearly what you have to do.

Recruiting new staff is costly both in terms of time, effort, and cost for this process. Thus, staff retention is particularly important.

We will understand how we make the correct selection of candidates according to the job profile and the culture of the organization so that they will provide the best results for the organization but also for the success of their career.

The steps between recruitment and retention are essential for every HR and manager.

The objective of the workshop:

We want to understand the execution of a recruitment and selection process!

What will we do? We will see how the sourcing is done, we will talk about specialized links (digital), we will use specific tests and interview techniques.

We will address the importance of induction for the newly acquired talents in the Company. And we will talk openly about how to motivate your employees but also how to implement a Reward policy.

Benefits of participating in this workshop:

Through a combination of discussions, exercises and case studies, you will learn how to run an effective recruitment campaign from start to finish, how to make an optimal integration of the selected candidate, as well as the component of the compensation package offered.

During the workshop we will discuss Induction / Onboarding for the new entry into the Organization and the importance of the concepts for understanding the operating mode, internal policies and procedures.

By the end of this event you will be able to:

  • Identify correctly the job requirements for which you are recruiting
    You understand the standards expected of the candidates
  • Define the appropriate evaluation indicators
  • Produce specific question structures
  • Design additional selection tools
  • You effectively manage the recruitment campaign
  • Execute an integration / onboarding plan
  • Understand methods & policies to motivate the new income in the organization from the point of view of the salary package but also of its development within the Company.


Daniela Necefor - over 20 years experience in executive search and recruitment, corporate and individual counseling. Certifications: Vocational Counselor, Personal Development Counselor, Trainer

Luminita Mihalache - over 20 years experience in multinational company, FMCG sector, with areas of competence at Board level: expertise in HR Business Partnering, attracting, identifying and developing talent, remuneration, performance management, counseling, coaching, organizational development .


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