“The collaboration with Daniela and TBS was both enjoyable and beneficial. The courses were designed to be interactive, practical, and very complex, with a thorough analysis of every aspect of the recruitment, selection, integration, and onboarding processes.
I found the added value to be significant, not only because of the quality of theoretical information, but also because of the variety of examples and practical situations discussed.”
Andreea Sima - HR Manager

“Together with Daniela Necefor in the training modules we went through the themes of Recruitment, Selection, Onboarding and beyond.
The courses turned out to be well organized and I appreciated very much the fact that Daniela conveyed her personal experience in what these topics bring, in a clear and concise way so that they are easily assimilated.
The courses have exceeded expectations due to the availability, flexibility and quality of the information transmitted and due to Daniela's professionalism and vocations, which makes me recommend it to anyone who wants a well-structured seam, perfectly adapted to the needs based on practical exercises and high quality information."
Corina Petcu - Human Resources Director - Winsgrom Flying Quality Products”

“Consider that Daniela is a professional in HR in general and in recruitment in particular. The two areas are interconnected, and obviously a specialist cannot work effectively without knowing them.
Daniela's courses focus on a background focused on human resources, theoretical knowledge of recruitment, combined experience from many years in the field, and the backstage of recruitment, which is highly valuable for those interested in learning.
Without unnecessary or irrelevant details, the information presented is clear, easy to understand, and beneficial in the long run.
Daniela discusses the life of a recruiter, including both positive and negative moments, and presents solutions that have already been verified and are immediately applicable. “
Teodora - HR Professional

"Daniela is a monument of experience, wisdom and diplomacy in the art of HR. Her mastery of this art is due to her passion for it.
Moreover, Daniela is a person who is both good and warm, and can be relied on in times of need. I thank Daniela for sharing her experience and showing us through the power of example how you can trust yourself.
Good luck in the future and let's hear good!"
HR Manager RO & BG

“With an obvious passion for supporting people in their evolution, Daniela brings a strong commitment and a personalized approach to the counseling process. Daniela's pragmatic spirit and remarkable communication and empathy skills make her a trustworthy partner for those who want to reach their full potential and improve their professional path and quality of life.
Daniela's positive influence on the community is maintained by her promotion of personal and professional development, which strengthens her status as an expert in the field and a model for those seeking to achieve excellence.”
Livioara, COO

"The expertise and personalized approach of Daniela were essential in refining my professional trajectory. Strategic know-how in everything HR, leadership and organizational culture, along with its outstanding ability to listen and understand will always make a difference. Working with Daniela is not infrequently revealing. She is a real advisor. If you want to achieve excellence and career growth, I highly recommend her with confidence and warmth."
Mihai Dragnea, Senior Manager, Customer Strategy