ESQ®2 is the ideal tool for recruitment and selection processes. He is a screener, which allows ESQ®2 to indicate very quickly to employers based on specific criteria and in an effective manner, which are those candidates who are superior to the rest of the competitors, thus allowing significant reduction of the costs associated with the continuation of the interaction of incompatible candidates with the organization.

Designed based on the assessment of personality traits, ESQ®2 focuses on identifying both positive and counterproductive behaviors and is involved in measuring the psychological concept of integrity. In the scientific community, integrity refers to the extent to which a person constantly follows in his behavior, those values that are shared at the level of society and to the extent that the person is honest and trustworthy.

Completion of ESQ®2 takes less than 20 minutes and returns a percentage index of general recommendation of the candidate (intuitively represented by red-yellow-green colors, where red means unrecommended, unrecommended, and green signals a suitable candidate), as well as 5 productive behaviors and 8 counterproductive behaviors.


To whom is ESQ®2 addressed and what is ESQ2 recommended for?

ESQ®2 is aimed at HR department specialists and organizations looking for a test that has demonstrated its efficiency, fidelity and validity in measuring integrity in the hiring process. The test is simple and easy to learn, so in half a day you can already initiate an objective selection process. ESQ®2 is perfect for pre-employment testing in a variety of areas, including services, retail, health and personal care, transportation, industrial, hotel, and private sector, manufacturing and many more.

ESQ®2 Scale

Outcomes at work, as measured ESQ®2:

General recommendation of employment

Positive/productive behaviors:

•Towards the client,

•Accuracy ,


•Employment Satisfaction,


Negative/counterproductive behaviors:

•Consumption of alcohol and other substances,

•Road offences, Delays,

•Indolence / slackness,

•Sabotage of production or property,

•Uncompliance with the rules of labor protection,

•Unauthorized medical condition.

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