This tool produces a reliable analysis of the skills, abilities and abilities of the employee. It is one of the most important evaluation tools. This consists of feedback surveys to be carried out by the immediate work circle (subordinates, colleagues and supervisors) and a self-assessment. Its use is particularly important in the process of assessing management/management positions.

TBS offers this package of customized organizational development solutions in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. Built on exceptional working standards, this package supports consistent assessment and development of leadership skills at any level of your organisation. This data is the crucial foundation for creating a leadership culture tailored to the current challenges of the business environment.

Area of applicability and strengths

Key uses:

  • Designing training and development plans for employees
  • Informing strategic decisions such as succession plans, building multifunctional teams, or promoting an employee to a new strategic position.Key benefits:
  • The person who is evaluated gets a very clear picture of how others perceive his/her activity
  • The evaluation process produces a reliable and multifaceted overview of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses by taking into account information from participants with diverse positions and backgrounds

What is 360 feedback?

  • used since 1940s
  • efficient tool of HR management and development
  • a process through which the employees get a confidential and anonymous feedback from the people they work with – from their managers, colleagues, direct subordinates and clients

How can 360° help?

  • Identification of developmental needs
  • Evaluation of development programs effectiveness
  • Part of employee performance assessment
  • Further options of using 360° ...
360° how to use suplimentary options...

… Use 360° feedback as part of your Development Centre design to gain more complex perspective and opinion of more evaluators.

  • Utilize 360° feedback as an incentive for team development and improvement of team cooperation by inducing of feeling of mutual responsibility for the outcomes.
  • Evade suspicion of discrimination or favouritism by using 360° feedback.
  • Improve your products and services by using 360° feedback, thanks to the comments of internal and external customers or clients, that might help you to improve quality, reliability, swiftness or understandability of your services.
  • Pass the responsibility for development to the people who should concern with it the most – the evaluees themselves. 360° does not only identifies key areas of development, it also empowers and hugely improves motivation of individual to work on their development.

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