Executive Search and Recruitment

Executive Search is our core business. Total Business Solutions offers Executive search, a specialized recruitment service that seeks out and recruits highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive positions in diverse industries. Other highly specialized and/or skilled positions in organizations where there is strong competition for the top talent are also sought out and recruited by our headhunters.

What do we do?
Total Business Solutions (TBS) advises companies on the recruitment process of quality staff to fill positions for specialists, middle-level managers, and top-level management. We do this by combining the best and newest methods available in the market, including headhunting and networking.
For niche positions, we have switched to executive search due to the shortage of candidates for certain functions and industries.
The best tool to scan the entire market taking into account the specifications of each and every project is Executive Search.

Why work with us?
As your consultant specialist, TBS offers the following important advantages compared to other human resources firms operating in Romania:

  • Our broad database of highly qualified candidates at specialists, middle, and top management levels ensures extremely fast service and response times.
  • Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs and industrial profile.
  • We offer consultancy services regarding the specificity of the market and the best strategy to fill the vacancies.
  • A flexible fee structure based on retainer, related to positions, volume, specialization, etc.
  • Consultants with relevant experience in multinational companies and who are specialized in executive search and recruitment for different industrial fields and functions, including marketing, finance, sales, human resources, manufacturing, banking, and law, etc.
  • During the evaluation process, we work with experts in the field to calibrate.
  • Confidentiality is all the way needed during the project..

TBS has covered various top and middle management positions in all industries, where we successfully placed the best candidates and secured their fit within the new roles, with an outstanding retention rate.

We are committed to addressing diversity and promoting our clients and candidates' freedom of choice.

How do we work?
The criteria for each position will be established during the initial meeting with the client company, based on both professional competences and personality traits. The search and selection process is essentially determined by the special requirements of the vacant position, along with the requests and specifications of our clients. On this basis, we recommend using Combined Direct Search, which includes Direct Search and Database Search.

The Direct Search Process:
A direct search process is the most effective method for finding people for management positions and certain special positions. The advantage of this method is that it ensures that the optimal candidates on the market are most likely to be found.

Role and candidate profiles specification
After receiving the engagement, we compile a job and candidate profile. When starting the process, this profile approved by Client constitutes the basis for the search and selection.

After assessing the requirements for the position, we will compile a list of people on the market who may be potential candidates.

While interviewing the potential candidates based on criteria that meet the job profile, we find out about their professional qualifications and experience, and we get an impression of their motivation and their personality.

After evaluating and rating the suitability of the interviewed candidates, we will prepare a detailed report on them that will be presented to the client. This report shall contain their qualifications, professional experience, achievements, their motivation, salary expectations and a description of their personality along with a brief evaluation on their professional suitability of the candidates. Our client receives weekly reports that show the progress of our search to better guide and accelerate the delivery of our candidates' shortlist.

Client Interviews
The interviews will be arranged between the client and the potential candidates to fit everyone's schedule. If the Client needs it, our advisor(s) can be present when the candidates are personally introduced.

Recruitment decision
The client shall make the hiring decision for the presented candidate. Our advisors will monitor the entire hiring process and if necessary, we can offer further assistance. We also maintain contact with the client and final candidates to help both parties make the best decision.

A long-term relationship is what TBS is offering. Regular agreed deliverables and meetings to show the progress of our search, in order to better guide and accelerate the delivery of our shortlist of candidates.

TBS's over 20 years of experience in the market enables us to offer our clients the option to hire for the most senior and niche profiles through a well-defined, customized, cross-border headhunting process.
Furthermore, we have the ability to handle executive search projects in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Greece.

TBS belongs to GESN, which is a specialized executive search network that operates in over 40 countries worldwide.

To detail what you need in your organization, contact us at: tbs@tbs.ro

Ethical Principles of the Company


THE FIRST PRINCIPLE of our work is confidentially – we respect the person’s trust in us (either client or employee), we ask only for the information relevant for the consultancy project and we use this information only for the purpose stated initially, according to the needs of the organization. We expect this standard to be applied also by our clients and employees.


THE SECOND PRINCIPLE is objectivity. We are helping the organization and the person in the same time, regardless of personal differences and intentions and we take into account the same objective criteria for all participants.

Freedom of choice

THE THIRD PRINCIPLE we apply in our work is the freedom of choice, for the employee and also for the client. We do not impose our will to either of them and we are true to our role of counseling them in their activity or development of the organization. We advice, but we do not impose the decision.

Why Choose Total Business Solutions?


Our services include the most innovative trends in the field to ensure success in our collaboration.


Over 20 years of expertise in the field and client portfolio recommend us to give you high performance results.

Complete services

We offer complete services in the field from interactive workshops to complex business strategies.

International Coverage

Total Business Solutions is a member of the Global Executive Search Network.

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