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A career is more than a job, more than a sequence of jobs, more than luck or happenings. THE Career has to be developed in balance with personal development. Each of our steps chosen has to be considered according with our values and mission in life , and even more important whatever we choose to do, we have to make it with pleasure and excellency.

There are few decisions as important as choosing the right profession and the way we have to follow to reach our goal. You may not be able to evaluate your strengths in the best way possible, because you do not have the right methods, or even if you are aware of your talents, you may not yet know which profession is right for these talents, skills.

We support future students, current students or high professionals in making decisions on their personal and professional development ,by creating a personalized profile and development plan.

Individual talents, values ​​and motives have a substantial impact when making career decisions regarding our professional journey.

Thus we can guide you to suitable jobs using the profile obtained together but also based on a thorough analysis of your skills.

How can we contribute to your personal and professional development?

  • Identify what motivates you for a successful career
  • Discover the perfect values ​​and conditions / working environment
  • Identify your strong skills
    You define the ideal workplace
  • Find out what's blocking you on your way
  • Get a better perspective on what a successful career means to you
  • To plan your career goals in the short, medium and long term
  • Improve your self-esteem

TBS consultants with rich experience in this field and can help you to remove the uncertainty, suspicions, difficulties related to choosing a career or the desired career path.

The program is modular, and depending on the decision of the first meeting, we establish the necessary, individual steps.

Depending on the requirements and level of your career, the stages of the program are customized.

Together we can create the best model for your career development in 1-to-1, face-to-face or online discussions. We will define the number of sessions together, and each session can last from 1 hour to 2 hours.
Career and family are two of the most important aspects of life, which is why choosing to develop yourself in a career that suits you will help you create a balance in your life, both on the personal and the professional side.

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Ethical Principles of the Company


THE FIRST PRINCIPLE of our work is confidentially – we respect the person’s trust in us (either client or employee), we ask only for the information relevant for the consultancy project and we use this information only for the purpose stated initially, according to the needs of the organization. We expect this standard to be applied also by our clients and employees.


THE SECOND PRINCIPLE is objectivity. We are helping the organization and the person in the same time, regardless of personal differences and intentions and we take into account the same objective criteria for all participants.

Freedom of choice

THE THIRD PRINCIPLE we apply in our work is the freedom of choice, for the employee and also for the client. We do not impose our will to either of them and we are true to our role of counseling them in their activity or development of the organization. We advice, but we do not impose the decision.

Why Choose Total Business Solutions?


Our services include the most innovative trends in the field to ensure success in our collaboration.


Over 20 years of expertise in the field and client portfolio recommend us to give you high performance results.

Complete services

We offer complete services in the field from interactive workshops to complex business strategies.

International Coverage

Total Business Solutions is a member of the Global Executive Search Network.

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You need consulting in the field. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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