Companies will often allocate resources for designing or updating their business strategies, for competition assessment, or for optimizing their functional processes. But every company is eventually faced with the realization that its most important resource is its employees. Without good employees, the business stops. Attracting, retaining, and motivating employees through an equitable remuneration system is as essential as things like customer segmentation.

This is where the job evaluation tools developed by the world-renowned Meirc Training & Consulting Group and used by Sta.RPerformining prove their worth: by determining the value of each job in relation to other jobs in your company, we will provide the guidance needed to allow your organization to establish a rational and effective pay structure.

Key features and applicability

The job evaluation process begins with an analysis of the positions in your company. We systematically gather all the factual information about each job, with the ultimate objective of achieving pay equity among all the roles available by establishing the worth of each one.The process that will be applied by the Sta.RPerformining team assembled for your company relies on four pillars: simple ranking, grade classification, factor comparison, and a factor points system. We work to ensure both internal and external consistency, in order to maintain both job equity and market competitiveness. We will assess the following factors:

  • Job knowledge requirements
  • Mental demands
  • Work contacts
  • Responsibilities for actions and decisions
  • Supervisory responsibilities
  • Required physical effort
  • Work environment

Benefits and strengths:

The method used by TBS brings a number of benefits in the process of establishing an equitable remuneration system:

  • Our job evaluation process evaluates positions, not the people who hold them
  • Your company will have a clear assessment of the relative content and value of positions
  • Your human resources department will be able to use our assessment to create more relevant and clearer job descriptions
  • A framework will be created which will guide you in evaluating new jobs needed to meet new challenges
  • Pay will be appropriately linked to job requirements
  • The results can help you see new ways to leverage your human resources
  • The outcome is an equitable, understandable, and competitive wage structure

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