FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behavior) is a psychological test developed to clarify how a person’s personal needs impact the person’s human relationships. It measures how much interaction a person wants when it comes to socializing, leadership, and responsibilities and more intimate personal relations. Initially created to evaluating and predict how to weld military personnel together to form high-performing teams, this tool is successfully used today as an essential component of many different organizational development programs.

This tool contributes to the understanding how human behaviors affect interactions with others. The FIRO-B™ Test is best applied along with other psychometric tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (MBTI™) test and is part of a range of solutions for encouraging performance at organizational level.

Key features and applicability

FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behavior) FIRO-B™ offers a clear information framework to enable executive teams to examine and understand human interaction at team level or companywide. It focuses on the individual’s needs, relationship styles, and behavior. The perspective gained from FIRO-B™ is derived from three human needs:
• Belonging – related to building new relations and types of interaction with people. The score in this area provides insight into the level of interaction and self-assertion an individual looks for.
• Control – related to making decisions and using authority and influence to persuade people. This score provides insight into how an individual responds to the exercise of power as well as how the individual will exercise authority and responsibility.
• Affection – related to how personal interactions are formed and managed. The score in this area provides insight into the degree of intimacy that a person looks for and can offer.

FIRO-B™ is a great tool for:
– Coaching and teambuilding programs
– Management and leadership competencies development programs
– Conflict management
– Evaluation of team members’ compatibility
– Assessing management styles, team dynamics, and organizational culture.

It can be used as an efficient tool by itself or combined with the MBTI™ tool.

Benefits and strengths

FIRO-B™ results help a person to:

  • Control his/her behavior and manage the effects of either leadership or subordinate positions
  • Recognize sources of stagnation or conflicts and find potential solutions at both professional and personal levels
  • Understand and respect others’ personal contributions
  • Increase efficiency through good evaluation of inter-human relation dynamics at work
  • Address others’ needs and working styles
  • Identify the motivations behind people’s behavior
  • Identify tensions arising from how a person treats others and how she/he likes to be treated.

From an organizational point of view, FIRO-B™ is a great tool to identify:

  • Options for increasing team efficiency
  • Solutions to motivate employees and improve human relationship dynamics
  • Potentials for employee development
  • Solutions for improving employee retention

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