We all want to grow, as individuals, but also the organizations in which we operate.

The external environment is extremely competitive and the pressure is high from many perspectives: we want to increase our sales, to have a good position in the market, to increase our profit while lowering costs, to increase our legislative changes. But all these objectives are achieved through the input of Line Managers and Specialists in the organization.

That's why TBS, widely involved in a multitude of Human Resources processes, invites you to continue to grow!

We have prepared various workshops dedicated to Human Resources specialists, Line Managers from companies that want to improve their knowledge about human resources leadership, but also for those who want to start a career in Human Resources.

Another line of workshops is dedicated to those who want career guidance or want to develop their career, those who have difficulties in their current career and want a change.

Are you a Line Manager?

Are you told you do not communicate well with subordinate people?

Do you know how to cascade information to employees?

Do you know how to communicate properly with colleagues in the organization?

Is everyone aware of their goals / objectives and terms?

Do you know how to give feedback?

Do you know how to motivate your employees?

When and how do you evaluate employee performance?

On what criteria is the performance evaluation established?

There are some aspects that will be discussed in the workshop.


Performance evaluation is a very important process in the calendar of the annual activities dedicated to "People" and carried out by Line Managers and HR.

The evaluation results impact the success of the employee and the organization. Therefore, we intend to analyze this process in depth.

The workshop is mainly dedicated to human resources managers and specialists. But it is open to all those interested in this topic.


Individual performance plays a vital role in the performance indicators of the organization and has an impact on all employees, your colleagues.

We will discuss and understand the performance evaluation process and how the results are communicated.

Is there a clear and transparent process in the organization for the evaluation of the individual performance? On what criteria is the evaluation done?
How does career performance impact your career?
How do you communicate to the employee aspects of his performance? (here about one-to-one with line manager and feedback)
In the end we will focus on Feedback and raise awareness of its importance in all aspects of professional and personal life.


Daniela Necefor - over 20 years experience in executive search and recruitment, corporate and individual counseling. Certifications: Vocational Counselor, Personal Development Counselor, Trainer

Luminita Mihalache - over 20 years experience in multinational company, FMCG sector, with areas of competence at Board level: expertise in HR Business Partnering, attracting, identifying and developing talent, remuneration, performance management, counseling, coaching, organizational development .