We all want to grow, as individuals, but also the organizations in which we operate.

The external environment is extremely competitive and the pressure is high from many perspectives: we want to increase our sales, to have a good position in the market, to increase our profit while lowering costs, to increase our legislative changes. But all these objectives are achieved through the input of Line Managers and Specialists in the organization.

That's why TBS, widely involved in a multitude of Human Resources processes, invites you to continue to grow!

We have prepared various workshops dedicated to Human Resources specialists, Line Managers from companies that want to improve their knowledge about human resources leadership, but also for those who want to start a career in Human Resources.

Another line of workshops is dedicated to those who want career guidance or want to develop their career, those who have difficulties in their current career and want a change.

A cool team in any situation is the dream of any manager. The confidence that you can rely on collaborators on any 'weather' of business can be built with exercises built on real situations.

If you play early on the strategic risks in a controlled environment, any turbulence in the business environment will be 'business as usual'.

Will the team pull in the same direction under unexpected stress? Will the roles and responsibilities have been tested? Will inherently different personalities work together?



Testing the functionality of the management team in limited situations

Testing of internal communication routines

Identifying the right reactions to deal with the unexpected


A consistent team in every situation - no hidden agendas, no 'silos'

Approaching confidently the limit situations;

Key concepts and processes well understood:


The process of risk assessment at strategic level is the first opportunity to practice collaboration between team members. Functions have different roles, different dynamics, different approaches. An effort to generate consensus on concrete situations will make the team more coherent.

A crisis management exercise based on a realistic scenario. We will see how the pressure of a crisis can affect the reactions of other companies, how we coordinate to find out the relevant information in a timely manner and how we react in a coordinated manner under stress. A simulation based on a real situation will maximize the relationships between the team members.


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